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Hire a professional accountant for your business

An accountant and a client simply share documents and thus improve the record keeping and reporting process

Automate your business

Our system can send you basic business information via email daily

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Improve communication with the accounting

By scanning documents with your mobile phone, you automatically submit them to the accountant

Use your data actively

Make important business decisions based on accounting data

We change the way which small and micro businesses use to cooperate with accounting agencies

Small and micro businesses usually use accounting services to meet legal obligations and harmonize their operations with all regulations. Most often, they do not see any significance in the accounting data they can get from their accountant and do not use this data to make important business decisions. All this means that small and micro businesses consider the preparation of documentation as an additional obligation which they should fulfill every month.

Improve communication
with an accountant

  • You share documents with the accountant automatically
  • Daily record keeping is provided in accordance with business processes prepared in advance
  • You can use the recorded data
    whenever you need it
  • You have insight into reports based on daily record keeping
  • Payment reminder to clients is automated
  • Business balances are available to you at any time

Digital transformation of

  • Your communication with the
    accountant is 100% digital via our platform
  • Scan the QR code on fiscal invoices and they are automatically submitted to the accountant
  • Issue an eInvoice through our system and it is automatically available to the accountant
  • Issue an invoice through our system and submit it to the
  • Take a photo of a document using our application on any phone and it will be automatically available to the accountant

Tiramisu ERP

  • This is a Cloud-oriented ERP system accessible on any computer or mobile device and from any location.
  • All users of the digital accountant use in a certain
  • Contact us and use in full capacity for your business needs. We have references in various fields such as production, wholesale and retail, car service, utilities,
    eCommerce-driven companies, etc..
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What others say about us

After the initial settings, I do the salary calculation every month in just a few clicks for each of the enterprises I manage.

Ivana Nikčević

Agency - Calculation LLC

Being able to access the program from anywhere really makes a difference. Especially when a client asks me for some information that I can read on my mobile phone.

Milica Raković

Agency - Adriatic Accountants

Using TiramISu ERP allowed me to organize work in my agency better and increase the number of clients I work with.

Marina Obradović

Agency Sara Boban

After the initial settings, I do the salary calculation every month in just a few clicks for each of the enterprises I manage.

Ivana Đikanović

Agency - Calculation LLC

Calculating VAT is no longer stressful. It’s simply one more thing I do for a client during the month. All data is already in the program.

Helena Perović

PH Agency